Digital Promotion is located in Thessaloniki since 2011 and is the first certified company of targeted advertising campaigns in Thessaloniki. Since 2015, the CEO of the Company is Konstantinos Kaouris, who is also the owner. Our compass is direct communication, reliable and effective advertising for each customer at the best market prices. Our company is trusted by large, small and medium businesses and individuals to promote their services and products.

The core of Digital Promotion is targeted online marketing. Our team consists of professionals, certified by Google in the fields of Google AdWords and qualified technicians who undertake to carry out any project related to any kind of online promotion. In addition, we offer Web Design and Web Hosting services with the aim of 360° complete advertising for the client, making the most of the competitive advantages of each company in order to be displayed to the fullest through the Internet.

Our main objective as Digital Promotion is the transmission of new opportunities for our customers, the continuous documentation of the results of targeted advertising because online marketing offers measurable and controllable results, mostly at a cost that is many times lower compared to traditional marketing. Having a customer-centric culture, the Digital Promotion team gives the same weight and importance to each customer, whether it is a successful large company or an individual who is just starting his first steps in online marketing. Our goal is the rise and continuous optimization of the image of each of our customers on the internet as well as the continuous satisfaction with the services we provide so that the customer is always happy.

For us, success is your smile! Yours success!

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