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Research on 13,000 Greeks, all-nighter on smartphones, stress for likes, parents' ignorance

Posted on March 06, 2020 01:51 PM

Elementary school children who spend time playing cell phones and computer "games", high school children who have been harassed by a large percentage of the internet and at the same time a failure of parents to control their children for safe Internet use , emerge as evidence of ITE research on 13,000 students, with the background of their online habits, how their psychology is affected by social networks and online gaming.
The survey was conducted under the approval of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs in November-December 2019 on a sample of 13,000 pupils aged 10-18 in approximately 500 schools in the Attica, Thessaloniki, Evros, Ioannina, Heraklion and Dodecanese prefectures.

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Facebook Kids Messenger - More Control

Posted on February 19, 2020 09:57 AM

Facebook: "We launched Messenger Kids in 2017 after meeting with thousands of parents, parenting organizations, child safety advocates and child development experts about the need for a messaging app that lets kids have fun conn

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2020 Digital Wishes

Posted on January 04, 2020 05:50 PM

2020 Digital ideas and wishes 4U!

Promotion team wish you heart

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