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Digital Promotion, as Google Partner, has performed more than 150 Web Promotion Project with Google and other media such as Youtube, Google Plus and Facebook.

We offer full range of Internet Advertising Services such as SEO, SEM, Successful Creation Web Design, Efficient Construction of e-shops, site content creation (Content Creation - Content Management), Strategic Design-Digital Strategy, Hosping site Study, Promotion and Creation of Audiovisual Material - Video Branding, Youtube Channels creation and Facebook Pages. Read more about the advertising services we offer by clicking here or on our new website Promotion.Digital.

The company was founded in 2011, increasing rapidly its partnerships with reputable and well-known companies in Greece, Cyprus and Balkans in consultanting and in the production level. Digital Promotion has dozens of experienced and competent partners in support areas, management, communication and customer service, who are distinguished for promptness of service and efficiency and therefore thanked them warmly.

By advertising on Google you achieve immediate and measurable results. The Digital Promotion has to her credit three certified professionals partners in Google Adwords, specialized in Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Shopping Advertising, Apps Advertising, Video & Youtube Advertising and Google Analytics.

Google Adwords is the most popular worldwide targeted promotion platform and was created by Google company in 2000. With more than 12 years presence in Online Advertising with Adwords, Google has optimized the platform Google Adwords to such an extent level that someone can hardly find more effective tool for internet advertising.

Google is the largest and most popular internet company and has the same name internet search engine "Google".Besides, this is evidenced by the internet research in quantitative and qualitative terms, by international statistics and financial data. According to the official website of google, the name given to the search engine comes from a play with the word "googol", which represents a mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros, thus symbolizing sending archived infinite number of Information from the Web. The "christening" of the future and all-powerful global search engine made in 1997 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin creators and yet "godfathers" of the search engine. It is also said that the name comes from the word paraphrase goggles, the Verbatim translation, which could be related to the observation and search as a concept.

In Digital Promotion achieve multiple effects for you combining the most modern and innovative internet technologies. Thanks to innovative technologies of Google, the research and development carried out at all levels of Google, the Google Adwords tool which remains top in efficiency around the world achieve immediate results.

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We at Digital Promotion knowing how and having the expertise, we add value to the online services that we offer, always with your own interests, Customer's interest!

Ask us about advertising your business/ your eshop/ your website on the Internet and we will give you a €350 gift in Google Ads advertising to start your online advertising.

Conditions are:

Be a new Google customer

Invest €350 over 90 days

Regardless of the investment amount, the largest gift amount given by Google is €350