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Internet Advertising is not by chance and that's why we at Digital Promotion don't stop learning, introducing the best and most efficient Google and Social Media technologies into advertising. 10 years we contribute to the creation of online Brands and Market Leaders. We provide you with the best mix of online strategy, tailored to your needs because success is not a matter of luck.


Digital Promotion is an award winning company at the Google Accelerate Event. Ask us about advertising your business/ your eshop/ your website on the Internet and we will give you a €350 gift in Google Ads advertising to start your online advertising.



Conditions are:     

  • be a new Google customer    
  • invest €350 over 90 days    
  • regardless of the investment amount, the largest gift amount given by Google is €350



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Digital Promotion services:


Digital Promotion Packages:

  • DP Branding
  • DP Website
  • DP Performance
  • DP E-commerce

Digital Promotion is Google Partner

Nowadays, the point is not to invent new ideas but how they can be executed efficiently

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Contact at +30 2117701188 for education by distance or at one of our offices in Greece and Cyprus about Adwords, Youtube and Social Media matters.