Digital Promotion

What We Do : We provide highly skilled professional service with a high and focus in Digital Strategy

Campaigns Optimization
Faster than Light

As a performance web-advertising agency, we specialising in Google Adwords, Youtube and Facebook campaigns. We manage over a hundred of active SEM campaigns using Adwords, Youtube Video and Facebook. Our Digital Strategies have highly contributed to our clients wealth.

Google Adwords
Search Display Remarketing

All our Digital Strategies and campaigns are spearheaded by Google Adwords platform. As a Google Partner for several years and one of the first Google Partners in Greece we contributed to the success of dozens of online stores in Greece and Cyprus. Having achieved high performance in a wide range of Adwords Campaigns we participated as a distinguished agency in Google Accelerate Event in Google's Gordon house in Dublin

Internet Branding
Making a New You

Innovative, fresh and new Digital Ideas are always on table for your business prosperity, every project is a challenge for your branding. New branding technics are implemented with the most contemporary digital media of Google Adwords, Facebook and Youtube.




Content Creation
Crafting with Love

From new innovative and authentic content to crafting graphics design, we remain faithful to the motto "content is the king". We cover all Digital Advertising design Video, Images, logo, text creation, slogan , company motto, promotional ads of any kind 4U.

Crazy Web Design
Hand Developing & Coding

A wide range of CMS(content management system) fall within the scope of our experience and our partners' php experts. Online systems such as Drupal and Wordpress is our specialty moreover we are sufficiently familiar with joomla, magento, cscart, elxis e.t.c.

Customer Support
And Affinity

Οur customer-oriented culture cannot stop us of asking ourselves:"What more can we give to our customers?" Our customer-focused small company acts as a catalyst to our customer online business by giving them additional value and satisfaction.

Pick Some of
Our Latest Offers

Pick a plan that best suits your needs.

Deluxe DP


  • Full Google Adwords Support
  • Up to 2 Categories
  • Only texts Ads
  • up to 900 clicks & 400.000 impressions

Advanced DP


  • Full Google Adwords Support
  • Up to 4 Categories
  • Text - Image or Animation or Video

    Remarketing Smart ads Support

Diamond DP


  • Full Google Adwords Support

    Full Youtube Support + Advanced Promotion Services

  • Up to 7 Categories
  • Text - Image - Animation & Video

    Remarketing Smart ads + Facebook Support