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Digital Expo - Digital Artvertising

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Digital Expo - Digital Artvertising

Posted on March 16, 2023 15:15 PM

enlightenedDigital Promotion participated in the Digital Expo at the exhibition and conference center in Vellidio!
Find out more about our presence at the exhibition in detail here!

We met, networked and talked about the New Trends of Digital e-Commerce Advertising with entrepreneurs and partners.
We discovered their needs and what they want more from Digital Advertising.

Internet Advertising is not by chance and that's why we at Digital Promotion don't stop learning, introducing the best and most efficient Google and Social Media technologies into the ads.

Digital Promotion is an award winning company at the Google Accelerate Event. Ask us about advertising your business/ your eshop/ your website on the Internet and we will give you a €350 gift in Google Ads advertising to start your online advertising!

If you too want a successful Internet presence, we are here for youheart
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