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Ads vs Influencer Marketing: Which One Works Best for Your Business?

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Ads vs Influencer Marketing: Which One Works Best for Your Business?

Posted on January 23, 2023 13:14 PM

Today’s influencer marketing vs. traditional marketing comparison is going to put the modern marketing landscape into perspective. Is it better to stick to conventional advertising platforms than to explore unfamiliar opportunities? Or have Instagram influencers amassed more power than ads already?

Both Ads and Influencers Share a Similar Mission

The first step in starting a comparison is to find common ground. Both ads and influencers owe their advertising domination to one thing and one thing only: online connectivity.

Both types of promotional content match brands to their right audience. Along this process, businesses earn better sales, higher brand awareness, and greater brand loyalty. The differences stand in the impact, materials, approach, and quality of connectivity.

Below are listed the criteria that will guide us in deciding which type of marketing is best.

1. A Means to an End – How Do They Reach Leads? 

2. Examining Results – Analytics 

3. Ephemeral or Evergreen – How Long-Lasting Are Ads and Promoted Content? 

4. Trust Metrics – How Do Consumers Feel about Influencer Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing? 

5. Competition Is Lurking Behind – Is There a Race for Ads and Influencers? 

6. Measuring Results – How Much of Generated Impact Can Publishers See?

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